Build Your Own D.I.Y Foundry For Casting & Refining

Build Your Own D.I.Y Foundry For Casting & Refining


This is one of the most detailed tutorials on how to build your own do it yourself foundry I have found on the internet. So please Watch and enjoy! Also, be sure to check out the eBooks and links below for similar foundry's construction ideas and methods. Good luck.

Best video tutorial on how to make your own foundry at home for cheap

Full tutorial on how to make refractory cement (three different recipes)

This is part one of a much requested three part tutorial that shows the viewer how to safely cut and fabricate a small foundry from a discarded propane tank. The tools and material are what is commonly available at any hardware store, building supply or can be easily found on the internet if not locally available.

This first part covers how to cut and fabricate the foundry base and the lid with detailed measurements and techniques.

This is the second part of a video showing how to make a small foundry from commonly available parts. This part covers adding the ceramic fiber blanket and pouring the refractory cement also included is a center section which doubles the capacity.

This is the final in a three-part series of how to make a small foundry from a discarded propane tank. This covers the burner assembly and the first fire to turn it from cast-able refractory cement into an actual ceramic liner.

Alternate motorized air supply For smaller furnaces?

Old Hair Dryer

For an alternate method to create the forced air draft you can use an old 12 volt (working) hair dryer. Remove the fan from the case, then remove all the Nichrome wire which can be discarded or saved for other projects.

Find a tin can that the fan just fits inside (make saw to remove both ends with a can opener) tape the fan firmly with heat proof foil tape (Cu/Al) to the end and cut slits just past the halfway point of the can.

Find a stainless steel pipe or other metal pipe with a high melting temperature place one end of the pipe inside the can with the slits bending down the slits to make a funnel for the air to flow down in the pipe cleanly then wrap the now cone-like, can with tape making sure there is no holes or gaps up so the air will be forced into the pipe.

Wire the fan's motor to a 12-volt car battery or DC power source with a switch and you're done. Example of a similar idea.


Coffee Can Aluminum Foundry

eBook: coffee-can-aluminum-foundry.pdf

Aluminum Foundry

Another Excellent tutorial here:

Make your own Micro Furnace:

How to build a homemade metal Melting Furnace:

Have you built your own Foundry? let us know what you did differently in the comments.