How to cast with Delft Clay

Written By Ben | Last Updated Sunday, Nov 8, 2015

Casting with Delft Clay is a easy and pleasant experience and does not require many tools or prep work. Users of Delft Clay can expect a high quality result even with little knowledge at a beginners level. Lets not waste anytime and get straight into it. What you need: 1 Aluminum casting rings set or flask. Casting metal in this case pewter Heat source that can melt your chosen metal (blowtorch).


Delftclay Casting Information

Written By Ben | Last Updated Thursday, Nov 5, 2015

Delft Clay works a lot like sand casting does, however allows finer details in the cast and with the aid of the metal flask rings it makes the casting process enjoyable and fairly easy, even for a beginner. You can buy the full Delft Clay Casting Kit from amazon. What is Delft Clay? The Delft Clay method of casting is a form of sand casting. It makes it possible to make remarkably sharp castings of many objects in gold, silver and other metals.