Top 12 site to sell your handcrafted Jewellery

Top 12 site to sell your handcrafted Jewellery

There was a time when people couldn't sell their crafts with ease. Custom-made goods like jewelry and clothes had to be sold in weekend flea markets or e-bay. No one even thought that people would shop for these items anywhere except the above two.

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Anyone who has tried to sell handmade jewelry online knows how difficult it is. Likewise buyers also have a fairly good idea how tough it is to find a specific item on the internet through search engines. If you simply write homemade jewelry, you will get at least a million results.

Sellers have to compete with an increasing number of competitors who are all trying to sell their goods to a limited number of buyers.


Etsy sensed that there was great opportunity in this field. The website was launched in 2005 as an alternative marketplace exclusively for selling handmade and vintage items. There is no riff-raff and sellers get a much better chance at standing out with their goods and making more sales.

Etsy has become a household name in this field and cutting a niche for itself in this market. It is much larger than most of its competitors. It has a great track record of selling homemade items and jewelry over the internet. There are more than 10 million products available on the site. The site is very user friendly and can be navigated with ease.

Most of the sites that cater to the genre of homemade jewelry follow Etsy’s lead. There are three main categories in which the merchandise falls. These are handmade items, vintage items, and supplied for making homemade crafts. Food is also sold on this site.

There is a fee charged on Etsy for listing which is 20 % of each item. There is an additional commission of 3.5 % after the sale is complete.


DaWanda is based in Germany. It is considered one of the best sites for selling homemade jewelry. There are more than a hundred thousand registered sellers on DaWanda. Shoppers from around the globe visit this website. The prices of items are displayed in Euros rather than American dollars.

There is no listing fee for DaWanda, however, a closing fee of 5% is charged when the items are sold. This is much higher than Etsy.

DaWanda is growing into Europe’s biggest marketplace for homemade jewelry and other items. The company possesses professional expertise in dealing with the taxation and other business laws of the Eurozone. It may help you a great deal if your eyes are set on a global reach for your goods.


If your merchandise belongs to the higher end of the spectrum, then you may get the most benefit out of Bonanza since it focuses on high-end goods, clothing, and merchandise. It is a US-based company with more than 25000 registered entities. It 4 million items listed on its website. The sheer number of available items proves to be a great advantage for sellers since they have a lot more to choose from. Moreover, people are usually put off by shallow racks in a superstore. The same goes true for online stores.

There is no listing fee for Bonanza. The closing fee is 3.5 %. Bonanza also features a Managed Merchant program. It is also known as a valet service for the booth. If you sign up to this service, Bonanza will create lists for you, add metadata, brand, color and information regarding the material.

Bonanza also tags the items and upgrade pictures. The service costs you around 5.9 % of the first 500 sales. Bonanza also offers a built-in chat system that is free of charge.


Zibbet is a comparatively small entity in the handmade jewelry market. It has around 150,000 products listed for sale. The company is based in Australia, however, most of the sellers on the website belong to the United States. The items are also listed in US dollars. Payments are settled with the help of PayPal.

The merchandisers have more room for customization on Zibbet. Moreover, there is a mass promotional banner. If you are more inclined towards the artistic side, Zibbet should be your first choice.


iCraft carried out its transactions in US Dollars. The entity is based in Canada. There are around 2500 sellers and close to 30,000 items that are listed on the website for sale. There is a problem with using iCraft: most sellers are not willing to ship across from US and Canada.

There is a registration fee charged on iCraft. After having registered, sellers are required to pay for listings. There is no closing fee.

iCraft focuses on handmade crafts. There are no vintage items, food items or other supplies available on the website. iCraft is a small entity, however, it boasts a very dedicated fan following.


This is a new website on the handmade jewelry marketplace. It was established in 2012. Goodsmiths has certain similarities with Etsy. It is clean and professional in its display and approach. On Goldsmiths, the sellers are required to manage their own listings. However, the fee charged by this website is also different from Etsy.


eCrater is a free internet marketplace as well as an eCommerce site builder. Once registered with eCrater, the user receives a free online store that is easily customizable. The products pertaining to the user will also be listed in the online marketplace. Customers can buy products easily and securely with the help of user names and passwords. Credit cards can also be charged.


The prospect of selling homemade jewelry on e-bay is very lucrative. Its suits both hobbyists as well as entrepreneurs who are seeking to market a product for good amount of money.

E-bay offers you an opportunity to display your products to millions of people. The site is visited by people who are searching for used as well as new items. The seller can either post his / her own pictures or can utilize a thumbnail. E-bay charges the user for listing and also keeps a portion of the profit. However, there are deals available on e-bay that can be taken advantage of.


The slogan for this website is “The Premier Artisan Marketplace”. There is no listing fee for this website. While the Pro Account costs $12.95 per month. There is no commission charged on sales. There are at least 600,000 visitors who come to this website each month.

There are 40 options and tools available on Artfire that help a user manage shopping. The shop template is also customizable. It is also a highly popular website.


There is no monthly fee for joining Folsky. However, there is a listing fee which is less than 50 cents. 5 % commission is charged on each sale. The site is visited by more than 35,000 visitors. The Fees charged are in pound sterling. The Website also offers a tutorial for handmade products.

Made it Myself

The slogan for this website is “Think it, make it, and sell it”. There is no monthly fee for joining this website. The listing fee is waived. The website charges a 3% commission. There are more than 4,000 people who visit this website each month.


Selling handmade jewelry online never used to be so simple. In the past, people who had the craft couldn’t make money from it because they did not know where to sell their products. However, with the advent of websites that not only display products but also assist in selling them, these entrepreneurs have found great outlets where they can sell their handmade jewelry for fairly reasonable prices.

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