10 Awesome fire pit ideas that are bound to impress friends and family!

Written by Ben Black • Published 1th April, 2015

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Last Updated 12th April, 2021

So you're looking for some inspirational ideas to help choose or even make/design your very own fire pit, you have come to the right place! we have collected 10 amazing (though some in their own special way) fire pit ideas! If you are seriously thinking of making your own check out our refractory cement recipes.

Blow your friends away with this amazing free standing fire pit by the highly talented people at "the firepit gallery". Image source: thefirepitgallery.com

fire pit redux

This rather simplistic "modern" square fire pit is simple but stylish and perfect for the D.I.Y handyman to make themselves. Image source: the-brick-house.com

backyard fire pit

Keep things simple, cheap and live the student life with a few fire proof bricks you can have your own (temporary) fire pit for the summer just like the guys from "babyhedgehogs". Image source: babyhedgehogs.wordpress.com

Beach Burner Recycled Steel Fire Pit

Make your own Recycled "art like" steel fire pit out of an old empty LPG bottle. Image source No longer available.

fire pit upcycyled

Live near a junkyard? Have old car parts lying around? and a welder? if so, then this rather clever pit may be for you! Image source: diyjoy.com

anti campfire

Looking for something with a bit of class this fire pit gone swingset may just be prefect for you. Image source: forums.bowhunting.com


Fire pit by night or a piece of modern art by day this arty (highly controlled) fire pit ticks all the right boxes. Image source: momdot.com

modern outdoor fireplace

Could this highly contemporary but practical fire pit that pushes the heat towards you and with it's rustic look be your next fire pit! Image source: outdoorareas.blogspot.co.nz

modern fire pit

Are you looking for something really stylish! (and probably rather impractical) then this very cool looking fire pit is right up your street, or in this case next to your pool. Image source: pinterest

Round fire pit

Back to basic with this classic "well-like" pit offering simplicity, ease of use and rather easy to make. Image source: scatteredthoughtsofacraftymom.com